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LO3 25 Cressi regulator MASTER T10-SC YOKE + OCTOPUS + CONSOLE CRESSI 2    LO3 25 Cressi regulator MASTER T10-SC YOKE + OCTOPUS + CONSOLE CRESSI 2


MASTER T10-SC SEAL CHAMBER ANTIFREEZE. Technically identical to the T10 Master, but with a pleasant and resistant chrome-satin finish on the first stage and a brushed stainless steel shell on the second stage. Performance, reliability, ergonomics and ease of maintenance make this regulator a product for true diving professionals. Instructors, guides, divers, researchers will find in the Master an answer to their needs.

The first stage is distinguished from the range of Cressi balanced diaphragm regulators for having the mechanism placed on an axis perpendicular to the air intake axis forming a "T" profile. The advantages of this particular design are a better arrangement of the whips, a reduction in size (especially in the SC versions for cold water), a considerable ease of inspection and access to its mechanism to improve the maintenance and calibration operations, the use of a high efficiency, increased conical filter and an easier arrangement on the cylinder taps. The metal body is protected on the surface by a special treatment called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) which, compared to traditional chrome coatings, is exceptionally resistant to mechanical and chemical wear caused by diving. The Din attack features a generous metallic handwheel to improve use in extreme conditions.

The inspiratory effort adjustment knob, to ensure reliability and resistance to impact and abrasion, is made of metal. Hyper-balanced diaphragm with sealed chamber. 2 HP 7/16 UNF outputs. 4 MP 3/8 UNF outputs. Working pressure: 300 bar (4350 psi) DIN version, 232 bar (3365 psi) International version.

Chemically nickel-plated spherical bronze high-capacity conical filter. Removable nozzle in AISI 316 steel. Calibration spring in stainless steel with micropeening treatment. High flow sliding technopolymer sliding shirt.

Body protection in polyurethane thermoplastic. Amount Delivered air: 4500 l / min.

Weight INT version: 720 gr. Weight DIN version: 602 gr. Air supply system without injector.

Regulation knob coated with PVD process with double OR. Weight without whisk: 207 gr. Inspiratory effort average 3.5 mbar.

Average respiratory effort 0.6 J / l. Whip coated in super light and flexible technopolymer: 153 gr.

EN250 / 2014 APPROVAL FOR COLD WATER. 1st STAGE T10-SEAL CHAMBER identical to the T10 model, but with a special Seal Chamber that isolates the membrane and spring from contact with water. Very light body covered by a protective elastomer shell. Anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion synthetic jacketed cylinder that guarantees perfect piston sliding and long maintenance intervals.

Uses the same technopolymer case as all the 2nd stages of the Compact models, with the only difference being the yellow front cover. Even the whip is the same color and has a longer length (100 cm against the standard 76 cm).

Downstream system Venturi adjustable Patented reduced friction lever Full-width purge button Anti-skretch finish Bayonet cap opening Removable technopolymer whisker Whip coated in super light and flexible technopolymer: 153 gr. APPROVAL Annex B EN 250: 2014 A> 10 ° C. Console PD2 is a console of minimum dimensions, which houses the Cressi mini-meter and a new, small analogue depth gauge. It is a high quality instrument with a metal case and membrane operation, with a large parabolic scale. On the luminescent dial the first 12 meters, corresponding to the area of decompression stops, are very spaced and perfectly legible.

The full scale is 70 meters (or 230 feet, in the imperial version) and the dial is divided chromatically into three zones: green up to 20 meters, blue from 20 to 40 meters, red from 40 meters to full scale. The instrument is equipped with a maximum depth hand, which remains locked at the maximum depth reached during immersion.

Pressure gauge and depth gauge have a certain angle between them, in order to make the reading of both instruments easy and fast in any environmental condition. At the end of the console, slightly moved on both sides, there are two slots to fix the instrument to the jacket, so that it does not hang, with the risk of getting caught and damaging the environment. Pressure gauge dial is color-coded in green, blue and red for instant readability. Reads pressures up to 350 BAR (or 5000 PSI for imperial version).

Mini-depth gauge reads to 70 meters (230 feet). Luminescent face on the depth gauge. Depth indications spaced out in first 12 meters (40 feet) for precise readings.

Both instruments built with chrome-plated. Brass case for maximum durability. Compact rubber boot is textured for a sure grip. Two connection loops, one on each side, for attaching a clip or bungee. Weight of console (hose included): 400 g (0.88 lb).

Full scale: 350 bar or 5000 psi. Dial: luminescent with colored sectors.

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LO3 25 Cressi regulator MASTER T10-SC YOKE + OCTOPUS + CONSOLE CRESSI 2    LO3 25 Cressi regulator MASTER T10-SC YOKE + OCTOPUS + CONSOLE CRESSI 2